Poem tradus in limba engleza

poemul 17 august 1986. cântec de dragoste a fost tradus in engleza si publicat in revista  Ditch din Canada.

poza de Ana Toma

In those days Bucharest
was called Ceaushima.
It looked like
a common grave,
and a tired man
growing old
to appear in your dreams
a flimsy book
under his arm and a bit of
on the lapel of his coat.
You would drag out
the earth from his mouth
with your tubby pampered  
child fingers.

It was
the yellow earth of
Ceaushima with
its sour carrion-like

Then everything
turned turbid.
For instance, I remember
your father
(a man still young,
and very vivacious)
and my father
(who, under the earth,
 had grown
grass on his chest)
shaking hands,
a bit embarrassed, over a table
in a restaurant.
I remember the purple cable cars
passing only at nighttime
between our foreheads. And I remember
your first period. Your life as a woman
was beginning like a dictatorship
in an exotic country
where trees
bear sharp red leaves.

That moment my blood streamed
towards you like a
dilapidated flag.

I was nearly
an old man
who, after having awaited
Ceauşescu’s fall,
was only looking forward
to his death.
A tired man
who from one week to the next
and from one month to the next
resembled Ceauşescu more and more.

mai mult in  revista Ditch


3 răspunsuri to “Poem tradus in limba engleza”

  1. horiagarbea Says:

    superpoem. Ai o leapsa pe blogul meu. comeneaza si da mai departe. horiagarbea.blogspot.com

  2. Jurnalistul Mile Cărpenişan este în comă la Spitalul Judeţean din Timişoara, în stare gravă. Are nevoie de sânge, grupa A2. Dacă aveți prieteni timișoreni cu această grupă, rugați-i să ajungă cât mai repede posibil…

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